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The US Postal Service
Is Hiring Now

Accepting Applications In All Zip Codes

Avg benefits

$21 Per Hour

Starting Pay w/ Benefits, on Avg

Annual Pay

$72,320 Avg Pay

Average Postal Worker’s Annual

Federal benefits

Federal Benefits

Healthcare and Pension after 10

New Hires

1,500 New Hires Weekly

100,000 Hired in Last 2 years

Entry Level Positions

Entry level positions earn $21 per hour on average. These jobs can lead to other amazing positions and are the gateway to a life long career.

Mail Carriers

Mail Carrier

Full-time, Part-time
and Seasonal

Apply Now
Mail Handlers

Mail Handler

Full-time, Part-time
and Seasonal

Apply Now
Window Clerks

Window Clerk

Full-time, Part-time
and Seasonal

Apply Now
Mail Processor

Mail Processor

Full-time, Part-time
and Seasonal

Apply Now

Diploma Not Required

Ged or equivalent for minors age 16+

Veterans Reservist

Veterans and Reservist

Receive Preference In The Selection Process

Career Advancements

Career Advancements

The USPS Hires Management From Within

Start Your Career

Start Your Career Now

A Career Could Be Yours In Several Days

The Hiring Process

The hiring process is the same for all entry level jobs. It starts online. And with the resources we provide it will make it a much easier process, so be sure to take advantage of them.

No experience is necessary and all hiring decisions are made by local postal authorities and are based on how well you perform in this hiring process, not how well you have done in the past.


The Hiring Process
01 Apply Online

Apply Online

Receive job application tips
for priority placement

02 Take Assessment

Take Assessment

Receive assessment preparation
materials from us

03 Have Interview

Have Interview

Receive interview tips and
help from us

Career Facts

20 Years

After 20 Years

Career Employees Make A Six Figure Income

Annual Pay

72K Anually

AVG. Postal Workers Income W/ Benefits.

Healthcare & Retirement

Healthcare & Retirement Plan

Career Employees Receive Federal Benefits

Job Security

Job Security

Join The American Postal Worker Union

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